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Single chamber design for very aggressive tone; 100-percent Welded Aluminized steel construction; Available in 2.25-in., 2.5-in., 3-in. or 4-in. inlet and outlet more


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9/26/2020 · Yeah I would also recommend doing an x pipe and 2 single chamber muffler then dump them. Magnaflows are always a good choice. That setup will probably give you the best sound and performance gains. I would not recommend getting rid of your mufflers. Its way too loud and it atrscts the po po's Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2 more



7/16/2011 · What is the difference in sound of a single chamber muffler like a Flowmaster 10 series or Cherry Bomb Extreme versus a glasspack like a Dynomax Bullet? Will single chambers have a deeper, toned sound while glasspacks are louder? more


Cherry Bomb's motto is "Disturb the Peace" - and with their mufflers you'll do exactly that. Cherry Bomb got their start back in 1968 by building the first glass-pack muffler, and to this day the straight-through Cherry Bomb Glasspack Muffler is still a favorite among those looking to get a rich, deep, and loud sound out of their engines. more


Single Chamber Muffler Vs Dual Chamber

6/29/2012 · Chambered mufflers use internal chambers to produce a specific exhaust note. These chambers come in different lengths and sizes to create the tone, and mufflers can include just one chamber or multiple chambers. Chambered mufflers provide decent noise reduction for the street while creating that classic musclecar growl. more


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Single Chamber Muffler Vs Glasspack -

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3/13/2006 · they are priced like a glasspack at $29.88/muffler and are built just like a Flowmaster 40, and they sound like them too part#FRC-5202 is for 2.5" exhaust from part#395-5202 from ($29.99/muffler) they are aluminized just like the newer flowmasters so they should resist rust pretty good. more


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9/18/2007 · the difference between the number of chambers is how many zig zags the exhaust gases must go through. a single chamber muffler is the loudest, but i do not think that anyone really makes them any more. If you want a great deep sound go with the … more


Single Chamber Muffler Vs Glasspack -

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Single Chamber Muffler Vs Glasspack -

Sound Advice: A Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Muffler more 3 Inch Inlet Single Chamber Muffler, 3" Inside

Cherry Bomb® M-80 Our new M-80 is a real firecracker! Its extra-large shell internals will allow for mega-breathing while its smooth and compact exterior will allow for rather unlimited installation options. FEATURES & BENEFITS: • Single Chamber Wing Plate Design • 5” Round Body • 100% Aluminized Steel • Classic Cherry Bomb® Red Paint • […] more


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Mount a Ford muffler and get a crazy or subdued exhaust tone. With a wide range of Crown Victoria performance mufflers to look through, it's really a piece of cake to choose from the sound you need. The highest-performing Ford Crown Victoria exhaust mufflers are within reach at AAG. more


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Single Chamber Race Mufflers. At Blue Ridge Mufflers, our single-chamber race mufflers are designed for motor heads that demand aggressive performance and superior sound in high-output cars. We stock only top-quality single chamber mufflers constructed of aluminized steel made in the USA. more


Sound Advice: A Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Muffler

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Pair of Single Chamber Performance Race Muffler 3" Center

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Sound Advice: A Quick Guide to Selecting the Right Muffler more



This is a sound comparison (sound test) video that shows what a straight through muffler (a.k.a. glasspack muffler) versus a chambered muffler sounds on the more


Cherry Bomb vs. Flowmaster - Pick The Right Muffler or

6/21/2019 · Glasspack Mufflers. Straight through mufflers like the glasspack muffler are composed entirely of a single, straight pipe. As the name implies, this allows the exhaust to go through it in a straight line, which allows it to exit the vehicle much faster. Glasspack mufflers are essentially a large pipe, with a smaller pipe inside. more


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3 Inch Inlet Single Chamber Muffler, 3" Inside Inlet Universal Stainless Steel Glasspack Fiberglass Muffler Resonator. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Previous page. AUTOSAVER88 Bundled Items 3" Inlet Universal Muffler & 3" Inlet and 4.5" Outlet Exhaust Tip Set. 67.14 $ 67. 14 74.98 $74.98. more